Our Story

April 2020, the force of Covid 19 shook the entire world, and lockdowns began, we started seeing and experiencing firsthand the effects of being locked down on ourselves and friends and family. Our kids felt like lions in a zoo!

As a sport driven family, with no freedom to go for a run or a family walk, and with our running event and our running holiday business impacted heavily by the covid restrictions we sat on our kitchen table finding ways not only to make our lives and our 3 children’s lives more bearable but also the lives of people within our network what “we thought” would be a few hundred people at the most.

How wrong could we be?

The Kaboom era!

In May 2020 we launched our first Virtual Lands End to John O Groats Event to help motivate people who were struggling during the lockdown. We wanted something a little more than your everyday virtual event so we decided on a virtual event you could track yourself on a map and you receive postcards along the route which would give you the incentive and motivation to carry on.

This attracted a couple of hundred people and we were thrilled!

We took our kids camping for the weekend as it was the only thing we were allowed to do during this time, little did we know chaos was erupting and in one weekend our Lands End to John O Groats 3rd Cohort had received over 2000 entries!  We came home to online chaos… Our feelings were a mixture of excitement and fear and come launch day, almost 3000 people excitedly waiting to get started on their journey started to log their mileage… our system crashed, blew up… IT WENT KABOOM!

Peanuts and Redbull Time

For the following 5 days we worked around the clock with a team of developers to quickly rebuild our system so it was able to handle the new volume and more. We call these the “Peanuts and redbull days” because Tori worked around the clock for 5 days living off peanuts and redbull!

Making A Difference is our Mission!

We are now a huge community of people inspiring one another to be healthy and stay positive. Today we have grown and developed our little idea into a business that not only helps people stay active; YOU the community ALSO:

  • Help to fight hunger by donating meals to those in need through food banks, charity partners, homeless shelters and more by reaching 50% of your challenge.
  • Plant trees for a more sustainable future.
  • Help charities fundraise through our charity fundraising events.
  • Help provide free school challenges to help kids stay active.
  • Allow us to donate to a variety of worthy charities.

So Far We Have:

Giving back is one of our most important values, we are grateful for what we have and believe that being kind can make a huge difference in this world.

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