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Join over 200,000 people using our interactive virtual Challenges to Stay Fitdevelop Healthy HabitsLose Weight, Improve Performance and so much more!

Join over 200,000 people using our interactive virtual Challenges to Stay Fitdevelop Healthy HabitsLose Weight, Improve Performance and so much more!

virtual challenges with medals

Virtual Challenges with Medals

Virtual Challenges with Medals

Upon completion of your virtual challenge, your medal and T-shirt will be mailed to you along with a final postcard. If you don’t want the T-shirt you can opt to plant a tree at the checkout instead.


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Now Supporting
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Check Out the Challenges!

Virtual challenges are similar to physical running, walking and cycling events and races, but they don’t require you to travel there physically. Anyone can take part in a virtual challenge no matter what age or ability and you can take part from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is choose a challenge below, run, walk or cycle in your local surroundings and upload your distance to your challenge. We have a great selection of virtual challenges for you to choose from so check out which one suits you below, where would you like to visit virtually ? What distance would you prefer, etc. Check out the challenges below.

Exciting NEW Challenges for 2024!

NEW- Alexander The Great

Step into the shoes of one of history’s greatest leaders with the Alexander the Great Virtual Challenge! This virtual journey lets you conquer the same lands as Alexander the Great. From the home of Alexander in Pelle to battles won in Turkey, push your limits and discover your inner strength. Exercise your way to glory, all while experiencing the thrill of Alexander’s legendary conquests!

Italian Virtual Challenge

NEW- Bella Italia

Immerse yourself in the Bella Italia Virtual Challenge! Journey from the enchanting waterways of Venice to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily. Escape into a world of Renaissance art, ancient ruins, and picturesque countryside, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to Colosseum in Rome. Join the Bella Italia Challenge and indulge in the spirit of la dolce vita

Celtic Way Virtual Challenge

NEW- The Celtic Way

Embark on the Celtic Way Virtual Challenge, a 758-mile journey from Strumble Head in Pembrokeshire to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. This challenge traverses a landscape rich in history and natural beauty, connecting you to the ancient stones and sacred waters of the British Isles. Follow the paths once taken by Neolithic people from the Preseli Mountains to Stonehenge, and explore a route steeped in Christian heritage, uniting Wales with Devon and Cornwall.

Now with 27 Virtual Challenges To Choose From

The Thames Path Virtual Challenge

The Thames Path

The Thames Path Virtual Challenge! Traverse the length of England’s most celebrated river, covering an impressive 185 miles. From its humble beginnings in the serene Cotswolds, the trail twists and turns through quaint rural counties before diving into the vibrant heart of London.

The Cotswolds Way Virtual Challenge

The Cotswold Way

Step into the heart of England with the Cotswolds Way Virtual Challenge! Explore the idyllic beauty and rich history that makes the Cotswolds a truly enchanting region. Prepare to virtually Traverse rolling hills, cosy villages dotted with honey-coloured stone cottages, and stunning vistas that have inspired artists and writers for centuries.

Grand Union Canal Virtual Challenge

The Grand Union Canal

This unique adventure lets you trace the storied path of England’s longest canal from the comfort of your own home. Immerse yourself in the tapestry of the Grand Union Canal that stretches an impressive 145 miles, connecting Birmingham and London through peaceful countryside, bustling towns and historic landmarks.

Transylvania Virtual Challenge- Romania


Challenge yourself to the Wild & Wicked Transylvania 30 Day Virtual Challenge and explore Transylvania’s spooky route taking you from Bran Castle to Poenari Castle through spooky history and creepy castles in the wilderness. What could be lurking around the corner in this Spooktacular Virtual challenge.

Wales Coast Path Virtual Challenge

Wales Coast Path

The Wales Coast Path is an 870 mile route along the spectacular Welsh Coast, taking in the breath-taking scenery wales has to offer.

2024 Virtual Challenge

Do you have a target for 2024? You pick your goal distance for 2024! Log ANY form of exercise. Add your fitness activity to your challenge and keep track of your progress on the leaderboard.

Sydney To Melbourne Virtual Challenge

Sydney to Melbourne

Embark on an exciting virtual adventure with our Sydney to Melbourne Coast to Coast Virtual Challenge! Experience the breathtaking views of the Australian coast with this Epic Virtual Challenge. This virtual event is the perfect way to push your limits and crush your fitness goals. Get ready for an unforgettable journey along the beautiful Australian coast!

The Golden Route Virtual Challenge

The Golden Route

The Golden Route Virtual Challenge is a 570km route that connects the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and showcases some of Japan’s most iconic landmarks and historical sites. From the hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s neon-lit streets to the serene beauty of Kyoto’s ancient temples, and the vibrant energy of Osaka’s nightlife,

South West Coast Path Virtual Challenge

South West Coast Path

South West Coast Path Virtual Challenge is England’s longest footpath and National Trail that snakes its way through the stunning southern coastline. Our virtual event stretches for 630 miles of heart-stopping landscape through Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. You’ll start at Minehead and reach the finish line at Poole Harbour.

Arctic Virtual challenge

The Arctic Virtual Challenge

The Arctic Virtual Challenge from Bear Creek in Dawson City, Yukon to The End of the road at Flagpoint Sign in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada. The Arctic challenge stretches for 930 KM/ 577 miles and finishes at the famous ARTIC OCEAN signpost also known as The End of The World.

John O Groats to Lands End Virtual Challenge-JOGLE

John O Groats To Lands End

John O’ Groats To Land’s End is an 874 mile route from the top of the UK (John O’ Groats) to the bottom (Land’s End) , the length of the UK.

Lands End To John O Groats Virtual Challenge

Lands End To John O Groats

Land’s End To John O’ Groats Virtual Challenge is an 874 mile route from the bottom of the UK (Land’s End) to the top of the UK (John O’ Groats), the length of the UK.

Trans Europe Virtual Challenge

Trans Europe

The Trans Europe Virtual Challenge is a 1600 mile route crossing through 9 European Countries from France to Bulgaria, starting from Calais in France and passing through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, Austria, Hungary, Romania before ending up in the beautiful mountains of Bulgaria, covering the length of Europe.

Tour De France Virtual Challenge

La Boucle De France

The La Boucle De France Virtual Challenge is 1509 miles long and takes on the first ever route from the very first famous Tour De France cycling event of 1903. A loop around some of France’s amazing places and starting and finishing in the capital city of Paris.  This unique experience cannot be found anywhere else.

Route 66 Virtual Challenge

Route 66

Virtual Walk, Virtual run or Virtual cycle along the most famous road in the United States. This Route 66 virtual challenge stretches for 2278 miles, through 8 states, starting at the historical route 66 sign in E Adams St in Chicago and heading west to sunny Santa Monica Pier, California taking on the original historical route.

Marathon to Athens Virtual Challenge

Marathon To Athens

Marathon to Athens is a 26.2 mile route taken by the legendary foot messenger Pheidippides, who in 490 BC ran from Marathon to Athens to bring news of the victory over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. This event takes you along the Authentic Route that Pheidippides took.

Step challenge for workplace wellness

Everest Virtual Challenge

A 19,696ft route from Tenzing – Hilary Airport named after the first climbers to reach the summit. Now you can use your elevation to achieve something amazing! But don’t worry we won’t start you from sea level after all you wouldn’t if you were climbing it for real. So you will start your journey from where all the great started: from Lukla all the way to the top of the world!

Tour Du Mont Blanc Virtual Challenge

Tour Du Mont Blanc

Tour Du Mont Blanc Virtual Challenge is a 105 mile route around the incredible Mont Blanc, covering 3 countries of France, Switzerland and Italy, taking in the breath-taking scenery from Chamonix and other unique and amazing places along the way. A great unique challenge you wont find anywhere else

The River Nile Virtual Challenge

River Nile

The River Nile is the longest river in Africa. One of the greatest rivers in the world and has witnessed the unfolding of ancient civilisations and over thousands of years has supported millions of people, trades and transport.

Best Of British Virtual Challenge - BOB

Best Of British

The Best Of British Virtual Challenge is a unique experience taking in Britain’s most iconic landmarks along this interactive and exciting Virtual Challenge. 

Pennine Way Virtual Challenge

Pennine Way

Follow the first National Trail in England which takes in 3 National Parks – the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland, as well as the North Pennines AONB.

Mizen to Malin Virtual Challenge

Mizen to Malin

Delve into Ireland’s stunning end to end route and make your way through the length of the Emerald Isle. Our Mizen to Malin virtual challenge stretches for 360 miles of magnificent surroundings, from the most southern part of Ireland all the way to the very tip of the headland.

Royal Jubilee Virtual Challenge and corporate fitness challenge

Royal Jubilee

The Royal Jubilee Virtual Challenge is a 500-mile route visiting all 5 of the Queen’s residencies in the UK and more Royal highlights. It has been planned and designed In celebration of the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

North Coast 500 Virtual Challenge

North Coast 500

Challenge yourself to this 516-mile scenic route around the stunning north coast of beautiful Scotland. Our virtual event stretches for 516 miles of dazzling coastal scenery that goes in a loop, from the northern city of Inverness clockwise all the way back to Inverness again.

Unlock Digital Postcards

Unlock Digital Postcards

Along your virtual challenge you will unlock a range of carefully researched, motivating postcards and interesting landmarks to keep you entertained and motivated during your journey. Each postcard reveals interesting information about points along the route. Download them to keep or share them on your social media.

virtual challenge digital postcards

Track Yourself and others

Track Yourself and others

After completing your mileage based activity you can upload it to your interactive map and instantly move along the route. Zoom in to the streetview feature to see your surroundings virtually as if you were really there and check where others are around you from the leaderboard.

Check the mileage log for all your activity and see how far you’ve come!

This is sure to keep you motivated to achieve those fitness goals!

Help Us Make a Difference!

Help Us Make a Difference!

Did you know 1 in 8 people regularly go hungry in the UK alone! Shockingly millions of people are just scraping by without enough food for them or their families. Millions are homeless and unable to gain access to even 1 meal a day. By taking on an End to End challenge you will be helping us to fight Hunger through our #MOVETOENDHUNGER campaign. When you reach 50% of your journey with us, you will in effect be giving a meal to someone in need through our charity partners so help us in making a difference to people’s lives all around the world by helping to Fight Hunger for people who are unable to fight for themselves. Together we can all make a difference! #MOVETOENDHUNGER

charity virtual challenges
virtual running races with medals

Spot Prizes!

Spot Prizes!

Everyone loves a spot prize! Every month we give away spot prizes from sponsors and partners along with free event entries and merchandise. You do not have to be the fastest to get a spot prize, Winners are chosen at random from participants within the challenges, past, and present. 

Plant REAL Trees as you Progress!

Plant REAL Trees as you Progress!

Look out for those trees you would have planted as you advance along your challenge! A tree is planted for you at 20%, 40%, 60% AND 80% of your challenge. Totalling 4 trees by the time you reach the finish line!
There’s no extra cost involved or extra work – you just need to keep going! We’re now on our way to planting our 6th forest!

plant a tree virtual challenges
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Join thousands from all over the world who will encourage you, support you, motivate you, and share their own stories, tips, and advice giving you a great sense of community spirit to help you achieve your goals.

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