The Trafalgar Way Virtual Challenge

Start achieving your goals today with The Trafalgar Way Virtual Challenge and earn an epic t-shirt and medal upon completion. Plus – every entry helps to support The Trafalgar Way and provide opportunities for young people who are Sea Cadets around the UK.


The Trafalgar Way Virtual Challenge represents a famous 271-mile journey from history. It all began in 1805 with the messenger who returned to England from the Battle of Trafalgar bearing epic news of victory and tragedy. Over 200 years later, the adventure continues with you, as you follow his overland journey from Falmouth to London, stage by stage, just like him!

The messenger landed at Falmouth and travelled by carriage to the Admiralty in London. His journey was 271 miles, took 38 hours, and required 21 changes of horses along the way. Find out more about this fascinating story from history at The Trafalgar Way

Could you Run or Walk 271 miles in less than a year, and follow in the wheel tracks of history? (Wheelchairs also allowed) 

This challenge is a unique experience where each participant will log their mileage-based activity and advance along the innovative interactive map – from anywhere in the world! Whether you walk, run or use a wheelchair, you can cover the distance in any number of stages, and be rewarded for your achievement.

This extraordinary journey allows participants to keep motivated and active, set and achieve physical goals and stimulate mental and physical being whilst exercising in their own local surroundings.

Stay Motivated and achieve something spectacular.

Earn the Amazing The Trafalgar Way Medal AND T-shirt.

You’ve earned it! So let this one sit pride of place in your medal collection or wear it proudly!

Upon completion, The Trafalgar Way medal and t-shirt will be mailed to you along with a final postcard. If you don’t want the t-shirt you can opt to plant a tree at the checkout instead.


Who was The Trafalgar Messenger and why was his journey so important?

Lieutenant John Lapenotiere was Master of HMS Pickle, one of the smallest Royal Navy ships present at the Battle of Trafalgar, which gave its name to Trafalgar Square in London. At this famous sea-battle off the coast of Spain on October 21st 1805, the British fleet defeated the French and Spanish fleets, but tragically lost Lord Nelson in the heat of the battle. Someone had to bring this great news of victory and tragedy home to Britain. That person was Lt Lapenotiere. He landed at Falmouth and travelled overland to the Admiralty in London. This journey was 271 miles, took 38 hours, and required 21 changes of horses. Could you walk, run, or wheel that distance in under a year? Our starting gun for your challenge is at midday on November 4th 2021 – the approximate time and date when Lapenotiere left Falmouth in his carriage bound for London, 216 years ago! You can begin logging your journeys any time from then, and you’ll have until November 6th 2022, one year and 38 hours later, to complete the distance. You can do it!

Captain John Richards Lapenotiere (1770-1834)

Unlock Digital Postcards

Unlock a range of carefully researched, motivating postcards and interesting landmarks to keep you entertained and motivated during your journey. Each postcard reveals interesting information about points along the route. Download them to keep or share on your social media.


Track yourself and others!

After completing your mileage based activity you can upload it to your interactive map and instantly move along the route, Zoom in to streetview to see your surroundings virtually as if you were really there and check where others are around you from the leaderboard.

Check the mileage log for all your activity and see how far you’ve come!

This is sure to keep you motivated to achieve those fitness goals!

Learn a little, win a prize!

As a bonus for this challenge, we’ve sourced additional content, messages to you from the Royal Navy, and fascinating historical insights into what Lapenotiere’s journey in 1805 might have been like. You’ll hear from Sea Cadets and other characters along the way in video soundbites. What’s more, there’s a puzzle challenge for you all to complete as you go, based on the flag signal messages sent by Navy ships at the time. Solve the puzzle over the 24 stages of the journey and you could be in for a special prize!

Raising Funds for The 1805 Club and Sea Cadets.

Every entry to this challenge includes a donation, split between The 1805 Club to support the continued legacy of The Trafalgar Way, and Sea Cadets. There is NO obligation to undertake further fundraising for charity. You can just register, get stuck into your personal challenge and have fun tracking progress!

However, some participants may find that seeking sponsorship increases their motivation to complete the challenge and achieve something special for a cause they cherish. Please feel free to use The Trafalgar Way virtual challenge to fundraise for ANY cause which is close to you.

Fundraising for The 1805 Club or for Sea Cadets would be especially welcome. With its focus on worldwide naval heritage research, education and commemoration of the Age of Sail, The 1805 Club relies on donations, grants and events to fund its activities. Sea Cadets is a charitable, volunteer-led youth organisation which provides adventures, skills and opportunities for teenagers of all backgrounds, through activities on land and water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Of course, Enjoy taking part in our challenges from anywhere in the world.

You are welcome to run, walk or travel the distance in a wheelchair, but cycling is not a recognised activity for this challenge.

It depends on your own personal fitness level and goals and the time limit on the challenge. Some choose to compete, others just want to finish, either way it’s up to you, but you must finish before the end date of the challenge.

Unfortunately, this event is not for teams, we can create bespoke challenges for teams if you would like to get in touch for a quote please email [email protected]

The End date for The Trafalgar Way is 6th November 2022.