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The Nativity Virtual Challenge

Please Note:

If you cannot find yourself on the map there may be a slight delay after signing. Please wait a while and check back later. Usually this is 30 minutes -1 hour. Thanks for your patience. 


Your bib number is the number used to identify you in the event, like in a live sporting event. You need your bib number to submit your mileage. You can find this by searching your name on the leader board or by checking your emails.

Your pin number is the 4 digit number you set when you signed up for your challenge. It is needed to log your mileage (like a numerical password) You can check this on your sign up email.

Make sure the Date format is correct DD/MM/YYYY  THIS IS NOT YOUR DATE OF BIRTH!  This is the date of mileage you are submitting for.

Total Your mileage for each day (It will only accept the last submission as your total)

Results are updated instantly.

If you are having trouble viewing the map try clearing your cache or viewing in incognito mode or on a different device , you can also try the “Having Trouble viewing the map” button, Please email [email protected] for further help.