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5 Best Virtual Challenges in 2022

During 2020 many people around the world found themselves with limited space to exercise and practice sport to fight the effects of lockdown and isolation. It was in a matter of weeks that a few forward thinkers put on virtual challenges that people could take part in and complete without needing to leave their house.

One of those was End To End, who quickly decided to step up and help a few hundred people by creating a unique platform that would keep their family and friends virtually connected, motivated and moving.

The tendency became really popular and nowadays, even when life feels back to normal for most, thousands of people still take on these challenges as a way to stay active, healthy and connected to a community that felt like a lifeline for many at some point.

But What Exactly Is A Virtual Challenge?

It is a virtual race that people can start and complete anytime and anywhere.

The process follows the same principle that a live race would do, an online registration, a start day and medal and certificate upon completion with the exception that you have, in most cases, a year to complete and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

This helps people plan and accomplish achievable goals, for example the 874 mile Lands End To John O’Groats Challenge can be done in the course of 12 months, which means people need to do just under 2.4 miles a day to complete.

How Do I Complete One Virtually?

Simple, find the challenge that best suits your fitness goals, motivation needs and time frame you have to complete. Sign up and start when you’re ready.

Why Should I Join A Virtual Challenge? 

These challenges are a fun way to stay healthy and develop healthy habits without it feeling like “hard work”, for many it’s a brisk walk in the park with a friend that motivates them to join or a way to stay connected to a friend or family member that lives across the world and also takes on the challenge.

Additionally, End to End plants 4 trees for every finisher and donates a meal for people in need every time a participant reaches half-way of their challenge, in their quest to end hunger with their #movetoendhunger campaign.

They have the most supportive facebook community, with lots of people encouraging one another everyday.

The interactive map makes dot watching addictive as you can’t help but check every day where you are, where you were and where you’re heading, and for the competitive ones, check where your nemesis is at.

The best part, the motivational postcards that arrive at certain milestones on your email inbox, they are carefully research, funny and with lots of information on the route and the challenge and once you finish you receive a stunning technical t-shirt (unless you chose to plant a tree instead) and a well earned fabulous medal (you can also choose to donate to charity by emailing them after registering) that you can hang up and create a collection, because you will become addictive and will want to have a medal collection!

Which Challenge Should I Join? 

You won’t find challenges like these ones anywhere else, there’s something for everyone, check the 5 best virtual challenges you can do in 2022 that will help you achieve your fitness goals and stay motivated throughout the year:

1)  Mount Everest Virtual Elevation Challenge | This extraordinary journey will challenge even the best of climbers. A whopping 19,696 feet climb and virtual trek to remember forever! Here you use your elevation gained to achieve something amazing and summit the highest peak in the world.

2) Route 66 Virtual Challenge | Walk, run or cycle one of the most famous roads in the United States. The route takes you from Chicago all the way to sunny Santa Monica Pier in California. A unique 2278 mile long challenge that you can complete throughout a period of 24 months.

3) Trans Europe Virtual Challenge | The 1600 virtual miles crosses through 9 European countries, from France all the way to Bulgaria. A trail filled with history and facts of the oldest continent in the world that you can run, walk and/or cycle within 24 months.

4) Mizen to Malin Virtual Challenge | Delve into Ireland’s stunning end to end route and make your way through the length of the Emerald Isle. This 360 mile adventure can be achieved within 12 month by walking, running and/or cycling from the most southern part of Ireland all the way to the very tip of the headland.

5) Royal Jubilee Virtual Challenge | A unique challenge that has been planned and designed in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee; a 500-mile route visiting all 5 of the Queen’s residencies in the UK and more Royal highlights.

Bonus: When you complete all 4 of these virtual challenges with End to End (South West Coast Path (SWCP) + Wales Coast Path (WCP) + Mizen to Malin (M2M) & North Coast 500 (NC500)) you earn a dazzling 4 Nations Medal for FREE.