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The NEW Challenge EVERYONE'S Talking About

The Chester Virtual Marathon Challenge.

Can your team complete the Chester Challenge?

From 28th August -8th October 2023!8

Can your team take on the Chester Virtual Marathon Challenge, a limited time only interactive, fun engaging virtual challenge that will get your team active, excited, engaged and boost employee morale and camaraderie in your workplace! 

The Chester Marathon Corporate Challenge is a unique and engaging team-based fitness event designed to promote health and wellness within the corporate community. The challenge involves teams from different companies competing against each other to see which team runs the most cumulative distance or completes the most laps of the actual Chester marathon route. The challenge runs for six weeks leading up to the real-life marathon, providing ample time for teams to track their progress and compete for the top spot.

Exercise in your local surroundings

Upload your Mileage based distance to your challenge

Advance along the interactive map with Streetview

Team Leaderboards bring the challenge to life

Compete against other local businesses

Supporting All Fitness Activities

Support Your Employees Mental & Physical Health and Increase Engagement by up to 100%

How It Works?

Kick Start Your Employees On Their Wellbeing Journey!

Sign up as many teams of 5 for just £147 per company!

Get your whole workforce involved for only £147! Whether you have 1 team or 10 teams there is no added cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently asked questions if there is something you are unsure about. Email [email protected] if you need any further help.

Teams are approved automatically straight away, If you haven't received your information please email [email protected] and check your junk. 

Each Team member is giving login details to log their mileage. Each mileage they log will add to their teams overall total. 

The challenge starts on the 28th August 2023 and will finish on the 8th October. 

The cost is per company so you can have as many teams as you wish for just £147.

The teams can be a maximum of 5 per team

Participants can log any form of mileage based exercise including steps.