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Understanding what virtual events are and the advantages

What are Virtual Events

Virtual events are events that you can do at any location, at your own pace, outdoors or on a treadmill. Once you’re done for the day, you can upload your activity online and move along the virtual map of the location you signed up for. You can post your progress on our facebook page to a large community of fellow end to enders. There you can find motivation, support, and a positive attitude. Don’t be shy to ask for advice and recommendations, our community is very kind ;)

Advantages of Virtual Events

Imagine you always wanted to walk The Pennine Way, cycle USA East to West via old Route 66 or do the historical marathon to Athens, but something always got in the way: work, kids, covid, lack of time, or simply – life. Virtual Events allow you to complete all of those events virtually at your own time and pace and check surroundings on the virtual map as if you are actually there. You don’t have to fly to Nepal and do months of acclimatisation to climb Everest, now you can do it virtually!

Great thing about Virtual Events is that you can do them anytime and anywhere. You can squeeze some miles during the lunch break, log your walks while on vacation or do dedicated activities. If the weather is preventing you from going out, you can put in some indoor mileage. This makes Virtual Events completely stress-free.

Motivation along the way

As you make progress on the virtual map at certain milestones email with interesting info about the surroundings and virtual postcard will be sent to you. We have already mentioned our facebook community which is very supportive!

Doing it for greater good

It is easy to set up fundraising for the cause of your choice using Virtual Events in just a few clicks. Please keep in mind that this is optional. 

We are doing our part as well. As you progress on your journey we will plant 4 trees on some milestones and donate a meal to the ones in need at no additional cost to you!  

Everyone’s a winner

Our events are not races! If you aim to be among the fastest ones – you can go for it! However, please note that there is no additional benefit to that other than achieving your personal goals (exceptions are Lands End to John O’ Groats and Wales Coast Path which offers Gold medal if completed within 90 days). All finishers will receive a stunning medal and t-shirt (if you opt for those) and a finisher certificate will be emailed to them once they complete the event.


Whether you sign up for the training, overall well-being, or to support charity, Virtual Events are a great choice. Compared to in person events, Virtual Events are not subject to rescheduling or even canceling due to bad weather or some other unpredictable condition (covid-19, anyone?).

Virtual Events are great for motivation, adaptable to your daily routine, will benefit your mental and physical health, help the environment, fight hunger, you will receive a stunning finisher package and most important of all – you will HAVE FUN!