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A Virtual Life Changer!

What a difference endtoend has made to my life!

7 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare cancel called Gist, I took it head on and whilst having 2 major surgeries and 3 years chemo medication I managed to raise over £100,000 for a number of charities.

Then in 2020, at the start of covid, my world was shattered.

Alongside some personal issues and the complications that covid brought along, I was also told my cancer had returned and was now incurable.

I hit a all time mental and physical low, I don’t mind admitting now that I didn’t see a way out.

Thankfully a friend introduced me to lejog (Lands End to John  O’ Groats Virtual Challenge) and I started my love affair with walking.

I completed it in 6 months and discovered some beautiful walks on my doorstep in the Peak District.

I’ve since completed the North Coast 500 Virtual Challenge, lost 2 stone in weight, my 5 tumours have all shrank (4 no longer visible) and my weekly 30 miles of walking have helped with the physical side effects of my treatment as well as improved my mental health to a place where I not only feel strong enough to keep fighting, but also to try and help others in the same position.

Last Christmas 2021 I bought my son a map of the 92 football stadiums in the football league as we share a love of Sheffield Wednesday football club and travel to watch them whenever we can.

That’s when my idea was born for The Virtual 92 Challenge.

I contacted Nathan and Tori- and told them my story and idea and it perfectly tied in with a few ideas they had of their own.

Over the last 3 months Tori and Nathan and their team have been amazing helping me put my idea together, making my dream a virtual reality!

We can’t wait to share it with you all and I can’t thank them enough for what they have already and continue to do for me.

Keep your eyes out for further information on this and keep going everyone, these challenges really do make a difference to peoples lives and are put together by people who really do care.

Lee Brown- Cancer Survivor- Taking the Gist!