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Your question has probably been answered in the Frequently asked questions below, If not please contact us on [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Your order could be stuck in the cart, we recommend trying on a different device or using a private window, you can also try this link:
You need to buy each entry separately, as each order generates a number which then becomes your BIB number. This BIB number is unique to each participant and no two people can have the same one.
Super easy! All you need is to have access to the internet and a device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, ipad, etc) Go to the map on our website, read and follow the map instructions and submit your miles.
The account creation is optional but not necessary for the event, all you need is the map link.
When you signed up you should’ve received a welcome email with the links and information you need to start your journey. You didn’t receive the welcome email? Sometimes it lands in the spam/promotions folder, make sure you check if it’s there.If you think you might’ve submitted your email with a typo, please let us know ([email protected]) and we will update the system and resend it to you.Miles have to be manually submitted on the map. All instructions are on the map. Your welcome email contains the map link, alternatively you can always find it on our website. The map goes live the day the event starts, not before. Enter Your Name, your PIN, your BIB, the date of the run in the format dd/mm/yyyy, the mileage, upload evidence and click submit.
Strava is a separate entity and we are not associated with Strava nor does our software sync to Strava. Mileage must be manually uploaded on the map on our website, Strava is only used to prove your evidence and is optional.
If you're in our Strava group and if your activities are set to show to everyone, then you do not need to upload evidence when submitting your miles on the map.
Club/group leaderboards don't show walks in Strava. If you want your mileage to display in the Strava club leaderboard then you can edit your activity and set it as a run (we don't mind if you walked it or ran it). It should then show on the Strava club leaderboard.
We do ask for evidence to be submitted either via Strava or the upload, however we also know these are personal challenges and if somebody doesn't want to submit evidence but keep a record of their evidence if we need it this is also fine. We only usually have discrepancies when people are trying to compete against one another so we do go back and check evidence. We don't want the evidence to become a burden as these are personal challenges and really people would only be cheating themselves but would prefer if evidence was submitted or entrants join the Strava club as it makes our job easier if there are discrepancies.
Usually when miles are successfully submitted but don't show up or don’t add up is because the date has been used incorrectly. Please check your mileage log (LOG icon on the top right corner of your map) and make sure you submitted the miles with the correct month/year, usually at the beginning/end of a new month/year people submit miles with the previous month/year as date, therefore overwriting the mileage. If that's your case, you can simply re-submit the correct daily total backdated of the miles that were overwritten and the system will overwrite and update and then submit the correct miles with the correct date.If you enter more than a run/walk a day, the system overwrites the first submission, as it only allows one a day, so you need to total your daily mileage and make one submission. If that's your case, you can simply re-submit the correct daily total backdated and the system will overwrite and update. To check which days need to be re-submitted, click the LOG icon on the top right corner of your map and enter your BIB number.
Have you checked your mileage log? (LOG icon on the top right corner of your map). If you enter more than a run/walk a day, the system overwrites the first submission, as it only allows one a day, so you need to total your daily mileage and make one submission. If that's your case, you can simply re-submit the correct daily total backdated and the system will overwrites and update.
To put an earlier date than the actual one.
Just submit your mileage with the earlier date you need to correct.
If you do more than one activity a day, you need to total your daily mileage and make one submission. The system only allows one input per day, if you submit them separately, your last submission will be overwrite the previous one.
The system only allows one file, so you can create a collage type of photo with your daily evidence or send your weekly evidence every Friday to [email protected] Make sure the subject of the email reads EVIDENCE. Remember that, if you're in our Strava group and if your activities are set to show to everyone, then you do not need to upload evidence.
Yes, on your map click the LOG icon on the top right corner of your map and enter your BIB number it will then show you all your logs.
You can resubmit the correct daily total mileage backdated and the system will overwrite and update. If any day needs to be 0, just submit 0 miles.
The sizes for all the t-shirts can be found on the website when you click through to sign up. They are all unisex. The measurements are 1 side only, not all the way round the chest, as shown in the image on the website.
If your name doesn’t appear on the leaderboard there could be a slight delay after signing. Please wait a while and check back later. Usually this is 20-30 minutes.It could also be that you’re searching on another map, please make sure you’re on the map belonging to your cohort (if on LEJOG). Or perhaps you signed up using only your first name as the name of the participant, in that case you will have to scroll until you find your name with your BIB number next to it or perhaps there was a typo on your name. Please email [email protected] with the subject CHANGE REQUEST, make sure you tell us the event you’re in, your BIB number and the change you need.
All our maps are on our website Go to More → Maps and find your event. For LEJOG make sure you click on the cohort you’re taking part in.
Yes, you can save the map link in your browsers favourites for easy access.
We don't have an app in the app store, but if you go to the website in the URL at the top there will be a link to install as an app. You can also add the website to your home screen on your phone and it will install it “as an app”.
This error generally is because the numbers inputted are incorrect or they are the other way around. Firstly, please make sure you’re on your map (you could be on a different map) and that you’re entering first the PIN and then the BIB number.
The date selection on the map is not for your date of birth, it is for the date of the mileage you are submitting. This must be entered following the format dd/mm/yyyy. Make sure you use / and there are no spaces in between. Also make sure the date is not in the future and you’re using the correct year.
Search for your name on the leaderboard and then click on the result. It will show your pin on the map. To hide / show other contestants click on the “hide / show all markers”.
On the map at the bottom right corner, there’s a little yellow man, drag him to where your dot is and you’ll get the street view.
If your mileage was accepted when you clicked submit it’s possible you used a past date and instead of adding miles overwrote past mileage, to check this, you can click the LOG icon on the top right corner of your map. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to resubmit what was overwritten and submit the correct mileage with the correct date.
Your order will show processing until you complete the challenge. If payment was taken and you received the welcome email (don’t forget to check your junk) you’re ready to go.
Your BIB number is your order number on your payment receipt, you should have received an email when your order was processed with this on. Alternatively you may also find this info on the map (when your event is live) next to your name on the leaderboard; use the search field, enter your name and you’ll see your BIB number next to it.
That is entirely up to you, just please note that the system allows a maximum of 150 miles per day, so if your monthly mileage is more than 150 miles, you’ll need to make two submission with different date, i.e if you have 198 miles to submit, you can enter 150 miles for the 29th of the month and then 48 miles for the 30th.
Please clear your browser history and refresh your cache on your device or try in incognito as this seems to sort many of the technical issues out, browsers in some devices seem to store cached versions of websites which means you may have trouble with updated data.Also make sure you’re clicking your name on the left, it should then take you to your position in the map. Some yellow dots are there to mark milestones, those dots are not you.
Postcards are automatically sent when you pass certain milestones, the miles have to be logged on the map. All events have different milestones. Make sure you’ve checked your spam folder.
Patience is a virtue :) Postcards are automatically sent after you’ve logged miles, it may take a few hours, if you haven’t received any please make sure to check your spam folder as sometimes they land there, also check your log to make sure all your miles are in, if there’s still no postcard, please email us with your BIB number and challenge and we will check and reset it for you.
A pedometer is absolutely fine, our events do not require any fancy devices in order to compete. Use your pedometer and convert to miles and submit.
GPS is not a must to take part in our events, any form of activity tracker can be used. If you don’t have anything don’t worry just let us know when you sign up and we will mark it on your profile. As long as you don’t plan on winning the events it won’t matter (The top runners can be quite competitive)
That’s a question that google can help answer, but to get an idea your steps per mile depend on your stride length. The average person takes between 2,000 and 2,500 walking steps per mile as counted by a pedometer, fitness band, or phone motion sensor. A total of 10,000 steps equals 4 to 5 miles.
That’s absolutely fine, these are personal challenges; some may choose to only run, some only walk, some a combination of the two, and others may want to count everything. You set your own personal goals. Just make sure you submit your daily total mileage.
Yes of course, some may like to split the miles between 2 events, others may be happy including the same miles, and others may decide to walk or cycle Route 66 and run LEJOG or a similar variant. The choice is yours, the events are personal challenges :)
Not at all, you are more than welcome to join our events without being part of our Facebook Community.
That’s absolutely fine, Strava is not compulsory. It only makes the evidence upload easier. If you’re not on Strava, your evidence has to be submitted via the upload section on your map.
The t-shirt and medal are sent once you complete the challenge as a reward for your hard work.
We have partnered with charities that help hungry families and children, help homeless people receive healthy meals, give school meals to vulnerable children and families and provide food banks with food to help more people from going hungry.Every time a participant reaches 50% of their challenge a meal is donated to somebody in the UK that needs it through our partners.We also have a “No t-shirt, plant a tree instead” option whereby we plant trees if you decide not to take a t-shirt.
Absolutely, many of our participants raise money for various charities whilst doing the event.
Please email us at [email protected] with your full name, BIB number and new address and we will update the system. Make sure you email us before you complete the challenge.
Not at all, once you complete the challenge and submit your last miles, the system notifies us and we start preparing your goodies. Please allow up to 6 weeks for these to arrive.
We can change this for you, just email us at [email protected] with your request, make sure you let us know which event you’re in, your BIB number and the size of your t-shirt.
We plant trees in a number of different locations around the world and make a conscious effort to plant trees in all the countries where our employees come from as well as many more. We are working on adding more countries to the below list of countries we currently plant trees:Haiti Honduras Indonesia Kenya Madagascar Mozambique Nepal India Bulgaria United Kingdom United States Canada Serbia Romania
First of all congrats on the weight loss, that’s brilliant. As for changing your size, that’s fine as long as you let us know at least a week before completing the event. Email us with your new size request, BIB number and event you’re in at [email protected]
Lands End to John O’Groats 
Your PIN number is the 4 digit number you entered when you signed up. It can be any 4 digit number, we recommend using the last 4 digits of your phone as it’s easy to remember but if you entered a different 4 digit number that is also fine.If you entered more than 4 digits, please use the last 4 numbers of that number entered.
Yes, our Facebook Page is: you have signed up to one of our events, you can also join our Facebook Group:
There’s a mathematical solution to this, divide the total challenge miles by the amount of days you want to do it in and voilá you get the amount of miles you need to achieve each day.i.e: 874 miles / 365 days = 2.39 miles
If you’re interested in the LEJOG event, and the latest cohort still open, yes you can, you can backdate your mileage from the event start date and provide the evidence when submitting miles.For any other events, they are open year round and you can join anytime.
All our events have different finishing dates, you can see the end date on your Welcome Email or on your map, below the map and leaderboard you can find the start and end date.
Some challenges are personal ones, people can join anytime, others like Route 66 are running/walking/cycling ones, so there’s no leaderboard because someone cycling is not the same as someone running. We encourage you to set your own goals.
Only LEJOG and WCP have a Gold Medal. On, to get one you need to complete the event in 3 months from the day the event starts. The date for a Gold Medal is on your map, below the Start/End date. On WCP, you need to complete the challenge within 3 months from the day you start.You don't need to email us to let us know you’re competing for gold or sign up differently, all you have to do is finish the challenge within the time limit and the system will notify us you’ve achieved gold.
To correct distances submitted incorrectly, you need to re-submit the correct daily mileage backdated and the system will overwrite and update.

Around £2 from every entry goes to charity donations and planting trees. We now plant 4 trees for every finisher on all our challenges, the rest covers things like VAT, software costs, Google API cost, Google Server costs, Medal, t-shirt, Storage, Postage and packaging and general business costs.