Land’s End to Jon O’Groats run for your workforce as a team building exercise?

Sounds great. But who will do the work while they’re gone? Well that won’t be an issue. With End to End’s virtual challenges you can run the length of the country, or a long distance path, without even leaving your hometown. Just input your mileage, with a photo of your Strava (or other app/watch) reading for evidence each time and your spot on the map will be plotted. It might bring out the competitive side of some of your workforce but everything will stay friendly – organisers Tori and Nathan make it explicitly clear that this is what they are all about.

Maybe one of you could get a UK map and plot everyone’s position on there, then you could have a leaderboard on your website/intranet? Who will get to Jon o’Groats first? If LEJOG seems a little far at 874 miles (you do get a year to complete it) there’s the South West Coast Path at a more manageable sounding 630, or the Pennine Way; a mere sprint at 268. If you enjoy these there are plenty more where they came from; Route 66, Everest Climb (the elevation of Everest – whoever gets there first is the winner), Wales Coast Path… new ones are being added now and again, so you will never run out. It will be something fun and motivating to talk about and we all know a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Of course there will be problems that can’t be solved with a run now and again, but how much more enjoyable will the workplace be with an extra element of friendly competition?

Maybe the CEO can be tempted to try and be top of the pile? Will Steve from accounts or Helen from HR cross the Scottish border first? Will delivery driver Darren or receptionist Kate get off the A30 before the other (It stretches a little over 100 miles from Land’s End to the wilds of Devon.) As if all of this wasn’t enough you get E-postcards when you reach distance milestones, you get a t-shirt and a medal when you finish (you can choose to have a tree planted instead of the t-shirt.) If Ken didn’t offer you a coffee when he made one you can get your own back by putting in some extra miles after work. If Julie didn’t include you in the circular e-mail at least you are already halfway up the M5 when she’s still way behind you. Don’t rub it in though because they might start setting their alarms an hour early…

End to End Challenges are the perfect way to get your workforce pulling together. If they join the Facebook Group for the challenges they will see that everything is friendly here; there’s a whole community who are all encouraging each other to press onward. Whatever competition is going on we are all friends at the end of the day.